From 12 to 15 years old, Mia was first groomed and then “sold” into the violent world of sex trafficking. She was brutally raped, beaten, tattooed (to show ownership), choked until she passed out, and burned with cigarettes by an extremely dangerous gang of sexual predators. Her life was threatened. Her parent’s lives were threatened. Her small body ravaged. Her childhood and her innocence ripped away... On July 9, 2019, Tarrant County Judge Alex Kim told this child that, although he believed she was trafficked, he also believed that she enjoyed it and she, A CHILD, “manipulated” her abusers. Here are two direct quotes from Judge Kim: “THIS COURT IS CONVINCED THAT YOU ARE IN FACT A VICTIM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING, OF SEX TRAFFICKING. I'M NOT DISPUTING THAT.” “I BELIEVE YOU WENT MORE OR LESS WILLING ALONG WITH THE OPPORTUNITY THAT THE TRAFFICKERS PROVIDED FOR YOU. THEY PROVIDED A CERTAIN SENSE OF EXCITEMENT OR LIFESTYLE YOU WEREN'T ENTIRELY OPPOSED TO.” 14 year old Mia was hospitalized several times - beaten - her face bloody and smashed. I have seen the photographs. 15 year old Mia was repeatedly raped by strangers on a daily basis, for money that her traffickers kept. Small and obviously underage, 14 year old Mia was forced to strip in several Fort Worth clubs. She was plied with drugs and alcohol to make her more compliant.  Mia was threatened that her family would be killed if she failed to “make money” for her traffickers or failed to return. Doesn’t this sound like a lifestyle any kid would love? Notwithstanding, JUDGE KIM sent this child to adult prison and denied her parole for a crime that he acknowledges she would never have been involved with “but for the traffickers taking advantage of an impressionable young woman.” JUDGE KIM recognized that Mia’s “risk to re-offend now is low.” Still, he sent this small, fragile girl to the dangerous and violent world of adult prison. He did so in the face of the overwhelming evidence that Mia has worked hard to put her life back together after the terrible events that landed her in juvenile court. Mia has been incarcerated in a juvenile prison for the past 17 months. Five trained professionals with over 30 years of combined experience working with juvenile offenders testified that Mia should be paroled. Mia’s participation in all aspects of their rehabilitation program was exemplary. She was “one of the best” kids they’ve ever worked with. Judge Kim’s ignorant notion that children enjoy being raped is offensive to all decent, moral people. Imagine if this was your daughter he was talking about. We watched this child being taken away in chains, Crying for her mother.... begging to hug her mom. If you think this can’t happen to you - think again. Mia grew up in Arlington, Texas and lived a normal life until she was forced into the nightmarish world of child sex trafficking. Whose child, niece or grandchild is next? We need to let the world know how our children are being abused in TARRANT COUNTY by the very people who ARE ELECTED to protect them. This is not the end. It is the beginning. Stay tuned. Please call the Honorable Judge Alex Kim and ask him to reverse his ruling and grant Mia parole. He can be reached at : 817-759-7893 If you would like transcripts of the case please call Juvenile Court reporter, Kelly Pelletier. 817 838-4698