Our Mission

The Austin 20 supports organizations that assist children victimized by sex trafficking by filling the gaps in the continuum of care available to help them. 

 We offer:

  • Financial support, through fundraising efforts
  • Knowledgeable resources, with expertise regarding DMST
  • Caring volunteers, ready to assist


Every year,  countless youth are forcibly funneled through Texas highways, railways, runways and alleyways. There are specific programs earmarked to help these kids, but without enough money, the programs sit idle.

Right now, kids who have been trafficked and picked up by local authorities have very few places to seek refuge. 

Right now, only a portion of our police officers, airline and motel employees and ER workers are trained to identify potential victims of this crime.

Right now, ads featuring minors for sex are splashed across various dark pockets of the internet without a cyber patrol disrupting their activity.

The Austin 20 provides funding for organizations that help children who are victims of this insidious crime, with a focus on the Austin area. Please help us help them.

YOU can make an IMPACT!

"We are fortunate to have incredible anti-trafficking and victim-support organizations right here in our own backyard. Groups such as Childproof America, The Refuge, Tomball Shield Bearer Human Trafficking Group, Austin 20, Houston 20, and countless others provide recovery aid to victims."

 - Michael T. McCaul

 U.S. Representative (R-TX 10th District)

 Chairman of the House, Committee on Homeland Security

“I have had firsthand experience working with A20, they are tireless victim advocates and their work is crucial across all platforms."  

 - Demetrie Mitchell

 Director, Special Investigations

 Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Contact us for information on how to donate your time or talent, or please make a donation to support our mission.