Accommodations to shelter


Nicole’s Place will consist of a network of cottages lovingly built by
Lelands Cabins. These customized cottages will provide ideal living conditions for girls who need to heal. 

A safe location


Situated on 5 beautifully wooded acres and surrounded by a designated nature preserve, Nicole’s Place will provide a safe, serene setting within a short drive of Austin, Texas. 


About Us


Supported by love

The Austin 20, a locally based grass roots group of citizens determined to make a difference in the lives of our most abused children will be raising funds, awareness and providing services.


Operationalized by experts

 Upbring has over 135 years of experience serving children in Texas.  The Upbring team is equipped to offer comprehensive, research based, best practice programming to evaluate each survivor and find the best path of treatment based on individual needs, maximizing the opportunity for each survivor to heal.